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m - Integrate Rule

Adobe’s powerful e-commerce platform for fast-growing companies looking to deliver top-notch shopping experiences.

woo - Integrate Rule

WordPress e-commerce platform/plugin where you can easily convert your website into e-commerce.

s - Integrate Rule

One of the leading e-commerce platforms that makes it easy for companies of different sizes to sell online.

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Onsite tracking platform with a focus on personalization.

Read more about the Triggerbee integration


Personalization platform for e-retailers focusing next level experiences.

Read more about the Nosto integration


The e-commerce platform with a focus on promoting individual brands.

Read more about the Centra integration


WordPress e-commerce platform where you can easily convert your website into e-commerce.

Read more about the WooCommerce integration

Hello Retail

E-commerce solutions in personalization and optimization.

Read more about the Hello Retail integration


Gives brands the opportunity to reach out to their customers in Messenger.

Read more about the Dialogtrail integration


Carismar Agency is a digital agency that focuses on e-commerce. They work with design, strategy and development to be able to meet their customers' needs.

To Carismars website


Geins comes as a pre-composed commerce suite taking care of everything from content to fulfillment and can be integrated with anything solving the needs of today and tomorrow.

Read more about the Geins integration


Adobe's powerful e-commerce platform for fast-growing companies looking to deliver top-notch shopping experiences.

Read more about the Magento integration


Cloud-based SaaS platform for modern e-retailers.

Read more about the Norce integration


Cloud-based cash register system for retail.

Read more about the Sitoo integration


Connect systems and increase efficiency with the help of Zaps.

Read more about the Zapier integration


Flexible e-commerce and business system. Digital optimization services.

Read more about the Kodmyran integration

Google Analytics

Track, measure and analyze results from the website and campaigns.

Read more about the GA integration


Cloud-based ERP, POS and trading systems for online and physical stores.

Read more about the BeX integration


Services for media houses and member organizations.

Read more about the Flowy integration

Sift Lab

Data science platform. AI-driven analysis and personalization for e-commerce.

Read more about the Sift Lab integration


One of the leading e-commerce platforms that makes it easy for companies of different sizes to sell online.

Read more about the Shopify integration

Softronic Charity

Complete solution for fundraising and charity organizations.

Read more about the Softronic Charity integration

Facebook LeadAds

Lead generation tool via Facebook with ready-made forms.

Read more about the Facebook integration

Facebook Custom Audience

Connect with custom audiences who have already shown interest in your service.

Read more about the Facebook integration


A loyalty, referral and rewards platform for creating long-term customer relationships.

Read more about the Yotpo integration


Complete solutions and system development for all types of e-commerce.

Read more about the Wikinggruppen integration

Tulo payway

Business system for companies with subscription services.

Read more about the Tulo payway integration


Sweden's largest trading place

Read more about the Blocket integration


A WooCommerce agency to grow with.

Read more about the Wetail integration


Branding and e-commerce agency with a focus on API-based architectures.

To Grebbans website

Nordisk E-handel

A dynamic and flexible e-commerce platform with focus on growth.

Read more about the Nordisk E-handel integration


Complete e-commerce platform for e-retailers who sell B2C, B2B or your own brand.

Read more about the Vendre integration


Prestaworks AB, based in Västerås, provides e-store solutions based on Prestashop.

Read more about the Prestaworks integration


Developed e-commerce platform with e-retailers and end consumers in sharp focus.

Read more about the Askås integration

Confetti events

Confetti is the all-in-one tool for all your conferences, festivals, workshops and mingling events.

Read more about the Confetti events integration


Helps e-retailers and logistics players reduce the number of returns.

Read more about the Easycom integration


Bosbec is a low code platform where you build IT solutions with pre-configured components – online, cloud-based and fast.

Read more about the Bosbeq integration

Rest API documentation & Webhooks

Take a closer look at our Rest API documentation and Webhooks.

Read more about the Rest API integration

Rule forms

Collect customer information via registration form to, for example, get email addresses via signup fields on your website.

Read more about the Rule forms integration

Rule web hooks

A function in the web code that tells the owner of a web page when something happens on the web page.

Read more about the Rule web hooks integration


With Trustpilot's integration to Rule, you can include positive reviews in your communication to create credibility & increase sales

Read more about Trustpilot and the Rule integration


With Starweb integrated into Rule, you can collect orders and behavioral data, giving you insights for personalized and data-driven communication.

Read more about the Starweb and Rule integration


Rule and Abicart integrated enable smart and strategic digital communication that allows you to follow the customer through the entire customer journey.

Read more about Abicart and Rule integration


Raptor's technology is based on carefully analyzing customer data, which saves time and increases the relevance of your marketing. Take your personalization to the next level

Read more about Raptor and Rule integration


When you combine E37's e-commerce solutions with Rule's advanced communication tools, new levels of personalization and efficiency are enabled.

Read more about E37 and Rule integration


Rule and Nyehandel have created an integration that improves the customer experience by enabling users to send newsletters and SMS directly via Rule's platform.

Read more about Nyehandel and Rule integration

NOOS Digital

NOOS is an analytical and strategic boutique agency in digital commerce.

To NOOS website

Extend Marketing

Extend Marketing helps you scale up your e-commerce with paid ads, marketing automation and newsletters

To Extend Marketing's website

CC projects

CC projects work with digital communication and help our customers with strategy, design, IT solutions, and optimization

To CC projects website


Remarkable has the experience and expertise to support you in a complex and data-driven environment to succeed with Customer Experience, Marketing Automation, CRM activities.

To Emarkables website


Delour helps companies develop and package their products, services and brands.

To Delours website


Omniarch Digital Advisor is a subscription model where for a fixed monthly fee you get a contact person at Omniarch for advice and sounding board.

To Omniarchs website


We are an E-commerce agency creating the perfect shopping experiences for next-generation brands since 2001.

To Panagora website


Recuro help companies, across industries, grow sustainably with recurring revenues, through our leading expertise in subscription business models.

To Recuros website


Founded in 2020 by a group of senior digital marketers, Converte offers digital media buying services. They are passionate about making a difference for their customers and tailor an offer for each assignment.

To Convertes website


Adflow Media helps your business increase its digital presence. We help with search optimization (SEO), Google Ads (SEM) and web development.

To Adflows website


Become today's mobile highlight and build emotional loyalty. Deliver appreciation and care along with micro-gifts right on your mobile.

Read more about the UpUP integration


Oculos is a leader in CRM, customer journeys, loyalty programs, customer clubs and marketing automation.

To Oculos website

Nordic Web Team

Nordic Web Team was founded in 2011 with the ambition to be a leading player in the e-commerce industry with a focus on the customer's best interests. And that's still something that drives them.

To Nordic Web Teams website


GETA is a total supplier in digital commerce. They create e-commerce solutions and work with and integrate with all surrounding systems.

To Geta's website


Ågrenshuset is a Northern comprehensive player in marketing and communication. Their business idea and passion is to create smart and efficient deliveries of products and services, where a personal commitment is the key to success.

To Ågrenshusets website


Webbografi focuses on building results by strengthening organic & paid channels through SEO, Google Ads, Meta Ads & Email marketing.

To Webbografis website

NoA Connect

NoA Connect is a data-driven marketing consultancy. They combine technology, data, business design, and strategy to help clients create marketing operation models that are fit for the future.

To NoA Connects website


Shoplab are experts in streamlining e-commerce with tailored tools, services and consultants.

To Shoplabs website


Frend are experts in digitization and digital transformation. Since the start in 2012, they have aimed to be a holistic, long-term and strategic technology partner.

To Frends website

Smarkit Agency

Hire an entire marketing function with over 100 years of experience. You get expert help in 9 areas and reach your growth goals smarter

To Smarkits website


A creative agency with a focus on branding, design and digital presence.

To Habitats website

Sterner Agency

Sterner Agency helps you with your marketing. Everything from strategies to publishing plans and everything in between. They help you with a new or existing website and how to make it visible on search engines and social media.

To Sterner Agencys website

Moen & Co

It is easier to start an online store than to grow it. They know how. Moen & Co has 20 years of experience with marketing on social media.

To Moen & Co website


ROIROI is an Ecommerce Agency with a focus on Direct to Consumer brands offering hands on strategic advisory, web development and Performance Marketing.

To ROIROIs website

Grand Public

Grand Public is a creative branding agency with its own design studio, digital lab, communication hub and new business incubator.

To Grand Publics website

Nice to meat you

A Growth Hacking agency that is specialists in business development and has a long background in e-commerce such as B2C, B2B & D2C and knows how scalability is important.

To Nice to meat you website


By integrating Tweakwise with Rule, you can send product recommendations. This makes it possible to send targeted mailings based on what your customers are interested in, which in turn can increase sales for your e-commerce business.

Read more about the Tweakwise integration

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