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Raptor Services and Rule integration

Raptor Services and Rule both specialize in personalization and analysis of customer data. Raptor Services is a customer data platform (CDP) that focuses on customer data and personalization across different channels, which complements Rule’s focus on activating data through email and SMS. By integrating our services, you get a comprehensive solution to leverage your customer data to the fullest in personalized marketing campaigns, across multiple platforms.

Raptor Services is a market-leading CDP. Their solutions enable brands to recognize user behavior across multiple channels, and to offer personalized recommendations to activate data across all channels. With Raptor, brands can create individual profiles down to a 1:1 scale. This provides a complete insight into customer interactions and powerful opportunities to personalize every touchpoint of their customer journey.

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Take the next step in your marketing and maximize its potential with advanced personalization. Raptor’s technology is based on carefully analyzed customer data, saving you time and increasing the relevance of your marketing. It also promotes sales in a completely automatic way. By targeting the most potential buyers with the right recommendations, you increase your chances of conversion. The integration between Raptor and Rule increases relevance, customer loyalty and sales in your digital communication.

  • Create smart automations with our tool for Marketing Automation tool, based on recommendations from Raptor
  • Personalize campaign content with our simple drag and drop feature.

The integration allows you to

  • Send product recommendations that hit the mark every time
  • Hyper-personalize your communication throughout the customer journey
  • Automate your communication with Marketing Automation
  • Improve sales with AI-driven solutions for a personalized customer experience.
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