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Terms of use

By signing in to RuleMailer (“The Service”) offered by Rule Communication (“RC”), you (the “Customer”) agree to the following terms and conditions:

The service may not be used to send unwanted emails, so-called spam messages. Read more under Anti-Spam. By agreeing to the Terms of Agreement you agree as a contract partner that current terms and conditions govern the relationship between you and RC.

The customer also agrees to the processing of personal data in accordance with RC’s Personal Data Processing Agreement.


The operation is intended for the Service. RC is responsible for the Service being installed and maintained correctly. Maintenance includes backup of system files, database information, and surrounding software/hardware optimisation. 

RC has the right to collect the Customers’ traffic or data for the purpose of maintaining and continuously improving the operation of the Service.

RC reserves the right, without prior notice, to restrict access to the Service or the extent of the Service, in the event that RC considers such restriction necessary for operational and / or security reasons.

Agreement time

The license runs according to the agreed license period, counting from the date the Service is installed and can be used by the customer. The agreement runs until further notice with a mutual notice period of six months, on existing capacity . The notice of termination shall be made in writing by letter. The customer pays her subscription annually in advance, the first time in connection with the acceptance of current Terms of Agreement and subscriptions. Subscription fees already paid will not be refunded.


The Customer’s subscription is based on the number of active members calculated on the total number of unique contacts in all the customer’s accounts. If the customer exceeds the subscription level or uses the service in an unusual way, the subscription will automatically be upgraded to a higher level.

Customer responsibility

The Customer must notify RC in writing when changing the billing address. The Customer is responsible for the information that the Customer makes available on the Internet. The Customer is responsible for the content of the Customer’s correspondence, the contents of the Customer’s websites or other activities that the client performs on the Internet. The customer is responsible for maintaining good IT security.

RC's responsibility

RC is responsible for the operation of the Service. RC assumes no liability for unauthorized surveillance or collection or access to the Customer’s traffic or data. RC assumes no responsibility for any financial damage that may be attributed to defects in the Service.

Suspension of subscription and unauthorized use

RC has the right to cancel the subscription of the customer if despite reminder not paying the invoice within the specified time. RC has the right to immediately cancel subscription without repayment if the customer improperly utilizes the subscription. Dissemination of information that violates Swedish law, such as child pornography, delinquency or opinions that can be seen as referring to the public, are examples of improper use.

Force majeure

RC is not responsible for any inconvenience, damage or loss caused by circumstances beyond the control of RC. Examples of circumstances outside of RC’s control are – without a complete list – work conflict, power outages, thunderstorms, fire, atmospheric disturbances, law enforcement, government action, war event, strike or similar circumstance, possible power outages, server interference with server / RC server lies and delays due to Internet connections etc.


Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of this agreement and related legal relationships shall be settled in accordance with Swedish law.


RC holds copyright for all hardware and source code for the Service, The Customer owns it’s content in the Service. If the Customer goes bankrupt or is prevented from paying the invoice, the content of the service is transferred to RC. If RC is bankrupt, the Service is transferred to The Customer unless other measures can be taken to maintain full functionality of the Service.

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