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Streamline your digital communications by integrating Rule with existing platforms you already use. We offer ready-made integrations with most e-commerce, CRM and business systems, but also build integrations as desired. The more data you integrate, the more customer insights and personalization opportunities you will discover, which in turn leads to increased growth and sales.

When you segment your marketing based on, for example, behavior, characteristics or engagement, you have the opportunity to increase both customer engagement and digital growth. If you use Rules function for segmentation, you will also be able to see a higher opening rate and conversion on your mailings. There are endless data points to segment on and only your imagination puts a stop to the segmentation possibilities.

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As a marketer, you have a responsibility to deliver relevant and interesting communication to each unique recipient. With the help of Rules personalization function, you can improve the customer experience for your visitors, by customizing the marketing through the customer journey. This will lead to increased trust and loyalty among customers, but also more prospects to sell on. In this way, you can both increase your company’s growth and sales.

Personalisering Rule

Expand customer club members using forms

In Rule, it’s possible to easily create a registration form, which you can place on the desired location on the website. Through the forms, you can collect email addresses and get subscribers directly through the website, into your Rule account and thus increase your digital growth. We also offer a solution for cool pop up forms on your website, through our Redeal integration.

Customers today expect nothing more than personalized content. Preferably we should know what they ate for dinner yesterday and what they are in the mood for today. So why not give them that? Through a more complex data-based technology, you can, through hyper-personalization, deliver highly personalized messages to consumers at each point of contact during the customer journey. This will lead to a higher opening rate and engagement on your communication, which results in higher profitability.


Put the manual work aside and let AI do the work

With AI, artificial intelligence, you avoid manual work in complicated data analysis programs. Through automated data management and AI, you not only save time and resources, but also have the opportunity to market more accurately by delivering hyper-personalized customer experiences throughout the customer journey – through the exact right channel. It thus increases the chances of conversion and increased digital business.


For data-driven marketers, AB testing is a must. Instead of taking a chance on what your customers like and prefer, find out instead. With Rules solution for AB testing, you can send more accurate communication that leads to increased sales, conversion and trust.

Skapa målgrupper och segmentera

Building customer loyalty is easier said than done. Strategic customer care and deep customer understanding are required to retain loyal customers. Customer clubs and loyalty programs are systems that exist to reward loyal customers, in order to make them want to stay with you. Creating customer engagement that leads to repeated purchases and loyalty is a must in your marketing strategy.

Bygg lojalitet med Marketing Automation

Safe lotteries with Raffle as service

Rule offers a complete function for raffles, which is a lottery where the company’s customers can sign up to participate in a raffle and win a prize. Through Rules’ technology, addresses are randomly selected and communication is then automatically sent to the winner or winners. In this way, companies can increase engagement, expand their customer club and build loyalty which in turn will lead to more business.

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