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We understand the importance of effective and seamless digital communication and always strive to provide a service that stands out from the competition. We offer many unique solutions to why customers choose our platform for their digital communication needs.

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Why customers switch to Rule

  • GDPR compliant, security always comes first with us.
  • Swedish Support, always via email & phone
  • Pricing model, the beneficial pricing model for growth
  • Unlimited shipping in all payment plans
  • Industry-independent, Rule is for everyone
  • 100+ integrations, your existing system
Varför välja Rule
varför välja Rule

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Quotes from customers

"With the Rules Blocket function, we now drive the traffic on our site so that we own the data ourselves. This means that we "own" the customer, we can communicate with the customer and get around all the challenges with GDPR."

Pierre Nordström

"I really want to highlight Rule's support, which helps us quickly and efficiently in both the daily work when we encounter the problem and in the strategic work to develop on the platform."

Alexander Dellenhed
"With Rule, we can craft bespoke communications ensuring our customers reap the fullest benefits of what we offer. Guiding our customers to make informed choices, remains central to our collaboration with Rule."
Peter Valenta
Svenskt Kosttillskott

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To ensure the deliverability of your shipments.

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FAQ - frequently asked questions about Rule

Yes, we do, every Thursday at 14:00 you can participate in our training courses which are free for new customers. We also have our Knowledge Bank where you will find all help articles that show steps for how to do different things on the platform.

Yes, we have a Knowledge Bank with 100+ articles to help you become a real Ruler. Everything from how to set up different segments to Best Practices.

We have lots of documentation to guide you on connecting your existing system. Read more here!

Yes, you can, we have an article where you can read and compare the different ways and find the one that suits you best! Here you will find that article!

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