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Schrems II: Why Rule is a safe and smart choice

Many data controllers in European countries have noted with horror, that data protection authorities have decided that US communication platforms are in conflict with GDPR and have therefore applied for European data management. Rule is a Swedish all-in-one solution data-driven marketing, which stores all data uncompromisingly encrypted within the EU.

Unified Commerce: Connect all the dots within your business

What is Unified Commerce? When we talk about unified commerce meaning, we are saying it’s …

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Reach out in multiple ways with Multichannel

Multichannel is a term that is generally used in marketing and customer communication. Here we …

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Increase Your Sales With Effective New Business Leads

Any successful business is continuously looking to expand its customer base. Leads are an essential …

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Omnichannel – Based On A Holistic Perspective

Omnichannel is a concept that is becoming increasingly important in marketing and communication. Please read …

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An improved customer experience strengthens the brand

It’s said today that the customer experience is the single biggest factor that separates companies …

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skapa emails
Create emails like a pro – and you’ll succeed with your email marketing

Creating email may not sound like art, but creating email that is engaging and inspiring …

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