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Digital communication tips

Window 4: Rule updates their visual identity for a sharper platform

Creating a new graphic design for a product isn’t something you do in the blink of an eye. It’s a complex process filled with a lot of opinions and feelings. In order to make the process flow and get the end result as good as possible, it’s necessary to set up a detailed plan with clear sub-goals. You should also carefully sort out all the feedback you have collected and then concretize it and break it down into clear actions.

Window 2: Reduce unsubscribes with email preferences

In window number two of the Rules Release Calendar, we find Preferences for e-mail. And …

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Window 1: Create a sharper integration with Rule through Back in stock, Rule SDK & Postman

It’s time to open the first window of the Rules Release Calendar. We call it, …

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This year’s Christmas gift – Digital gift cards

In an era where everything is being digitized, we want to highlight digital gift cards …

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Unified Commerce: Connect all the dots within your business

What is Unified Commerce? When we talk about unified commerce meaning, we are saying it’s …

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Reach out in multiple ways with Multichannel

Multichannel is a term that is generally used in marketing and customer communication. Here we …

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Increase Your Sales With Effective New Business Leads

Any successful business is continuously looking to expand its customer base. Leads are an essential …

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