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cart abandonment

Boost sales with Cart Abandonment Emails

More than 70% of all shopping carts in online stores are abandoned. In other words, 67 out of 100 potential customers leave the online store without completing their purchase. There are many possible reasons why a shopping cart could be abandoned – emotional, practical or total purchase. But one thing is for sure: abandoned shopping carts must be followed up with the help of Marketing Automation and Cart Abandonment Email.

What is Cart Abandonment Email?

Cart Abandonment, is a term associated with e-commerce. It refers to when a customer has products or services in their virtual shopping cart but does not complete the purchase. The main goal for retailers is, of course, for each customer to complete their purchase. With our functions in Rule, you can catch an abandoned shopping cart and thus increase the closing frequency.

Through Marketing Automation you can reach the customer in the best way, while the customer has both the visit and the product fresh in their memory. Having a clear strategy for capturing an abandoned shopping cart, is an important part of your sales strategy. By including Cart Abandonment emails in your Marketing Automation strategy, you convert abandoned shopping carts and increase sales.

Example of Cart Abandonment Email:

påminn om varan

Reminder of item

Simply remind the consumer that the product they were looking at is still available in stock. Attach pictures and price so it is clear that the consumer can still buy the product. Remind the customer about the product that has been abandoned. It’s quite possible that the customer simply needs some time to decide on the purchase.

erbjud rabatt

Offer a discount

Many consumers don’t expect surprising surcharges or shipping costs when shopping online. Therefore, the main reason for an abandoned shopping cart is that the consumer feels that the total is too expensive. A good alternative could be to offer the consumer a time-limited discount, either a percentage or, for example, “free shipping”.

uppmana till avslut

Encourage purchases

Send a message to the customer where you tell them what they lost. List the products that are in the shopping cart and send a very clear link that takes the customer back to the online store. Make sure that the customer does not have to register again, but only has to pay to complete the purchase. Make it as easy as possible for the customer to resume the order.

marknadsför ytterligare

Additional marketing

Use the contents of your Cart Abandonment email to further promote yourself. A striking line of topics, good content and above all good pictures are important. Cart Abandonment email can be a good channel for further marketing, so take the opportunity to use it when you still have the customer’s attention.

reservera varor

Reserve products

Encourage the customer to make a purchase by ensuring that you reserve the products in the shopping cart for a certain period of time. If the customer is assured that the goods are reserved, it can encourage them to complete the purchase. It will be both reassuring for the customer to know that the products are still there and has time to add things to it’s shopping basket – at the same time as it puts some time pressure on the customer.

Enkät i email

Include surveys

If you want to find out why the customer does not complete the purchase, it may be smart to ask the customer directly. By attaching a link with a quick survey, you can get valuable feedback from your customers. In this way, you can also show that you are committed to understanding customer behavior and at the same time building trust with the customer.

Offer the customer a high level of service by asking if there were any problems in the buying process or if there is anything you can help with. With Cart Abandonment communication, you have the customer experience in focus. Attach contact information to you along with details of the abandoned shopping cart that the customer has left behind.

cart abandonment email

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