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Abicart and Rule integration

Abicart is a powerful e-commerce platform that offers several different intelligent solutions. When you integrate Abicart with Rule, your customer data, such as cart in progress or order complete, is automatically synced between Abicart and your Rule account. The integration enables intelligent and strategic digital communication that allows you to follow the customer through the entire customer journey. Integrate Rule with Abicart and create a sustainable strategy to welcome, retain and attract lost customers.

Abicart is an e-commerce platform where you can easily manage everything related to your webshop on the same platform. They offer package and customized solutions, such as helping you build your website based on your wishes and preferences. You do not need any prior technical knowledge to use Abicart. It is a simple interface that should be uncomplicated for you as a user to manage your products, orders, and customers.

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With our integration between Abicart and Rule, you can give each customer a personalized customer journey and thus build deeper customer relationships and customer loyalty. By creating an interaction between the platforms where data is automatically synced, you will easily be able to create unique and personalized communication with your customers. This will, in turn, lead to increased revenue and more repeat customers.

  • Through our advanced integration, you can take personalized communication one step further and get started with hyper-personalization.
  • Create automated communication with our Marketing Automation tool that is triggered by data from your webshop.

When you integrate Abicart with Rule, you can:

marketing automation

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