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Bosbec and Rule integration

With our Rule and Bosbec integration, you can get more in-depth customer insights and thus personalize your customer journeys even further. Bosbec is a scalable and simple platform where you can set up triggers that trigger according to how your customers navigate your site. In connection with that, that data is then pushed into your Rule account. With the valuable data, you can find important insights into how your customers behave and what they are interested in on your website. After that, you can start segmenting your customers inside Rule and deliver unique customized content to your customers.
Bosbec provides the tools for building your solutions and workflows to simplify your work both within your organization and on your website. You build up workflows that can be complex or simple, quick solutions, or a comprehensive system for a large organization with several users. Bosbec is built to suit all types of companies, where the flexibility is wide to make the workflows that work for you.
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With our Bosbec and Rule integration, you can automatically get the data traces that a customer provides on your website into your Rule account. This enables seamless communication with your customers and prospects throughout the customer journey. With the help of customer insights captured on your website and the data collected in Rule, you can easily personalize your digital communication, leading to long-term customer relationships and increased customer loyalty.
  • Create automated communication with our Marketing Automation tool that is triggered by data from your Bosbec account.
  • Through our advanced integration and our hyper-personalization feature, you can take your personalized communication to the next level.

When you integrate Bosbec with Rule, you can:

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