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Facebook Custom Audience and Rule integration

With Rule’s integration to Facebook Custom Audience, Facebook target groups as it is called in Swedish, you can upload your active members inside Rule directly to Facebook with a single button press. You can then easily connect with your customized target groups who have already shown a commitment to your products or services. When you set up this integration, you can quickly start targeting messages and follow up with customers who have like-minded interests.
Facebook describes “Custom Audience” as a customized target group, an option for advertising target groups that helps advertisers find existing target groups among users on Facebook. It works because a custom audience created from a customer list is a type of audience you can make to connect with people who have already shown interest in your business or product.
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With Rules’ integration to Facebook Custom Audiences, you can easily communicate, target messages, and follow up with customers via more channels than SMS and e-mail. All you have to do is press the “Upload” button inside a filter in Rule, and active members of the filter will immediately end up in a new customized target group in Facebook target groups. The integration allows you to quickly and smoothly communicate accurately with our personalization solution and thus increase your opportunities for sales.
  • You can quickly and easily create a target group based on customer behavior data in Rule, and with a single click of a button upload this target group directly to Facebook.
  • You can engage your audience in more channels than email and SMS.

When you integrate Facebook custom audience with Rule, you can:

  • Send strategic Win back communication
  • Hyper-personalize your messages
  • Expand the customer club and build loyalty
  • Send SMS communication to your customers
  • Rule becomes a collection point of relevant customer data on which you can create target groups.
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