How to succeed with your Easter marketing

Like many other holidays, Easter is a perfect holiday to market your company a little extra. How can you effectively reach out to your customers during Easter in a jungle of offers? In this post, we will go through how you can work with a Marketing Automation tool and share tips for successful easter marketing.

First things first - make a plan

To begin with, you should set up a plan for your communication. You probably have different customer segments to which you want to send different messages. With Rules segmentation tool, you can sort out your customers so they are divided into different types of customer segments based on their interests and affiliations. By doing so, you can customize your communication and deliver accurate messages, which will result in long-lasting customer relationships.

Spread your marketing across multiple channels

To reach as many customers as possible at Easter, we recommend using a multi-channel strategy. This means that you communicate via several different channels during one and the same campaign, for example via email marketing and SMS. Different channels are suitable for different occasions and to get the greatest possible reach on your marketing, it is perfect to use a multi-channel strategy. Then you ensure that you reach the customer with the right message, via the right channel at the right time.

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Avoid manual processor with Marketing Automation

With Marketing Automation, you can easily build and schedule automated feeds. In this way, you can effectively reach out to segmented customer groups via both email and SMS, completely automatically. The SMS channel has an opening frequency of as much as 90% and it is expected that an SMS will be read in just three minutes. With that in mind, you know how you can quickly get through during Easter as many companies will send out a lot of offers.

To create long-term customer relationships, it’s important to keep the customer warm with relevant communication. By setting up automation flows in Rule, you can both welcome, engage and entertain your customers throughout the customer journey. The image below shows how you can build an automatic flow with both email and SMS. Good, right?

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How do you market Easter in a creative way?

When it comes to holidays, you have to let your imagination run wild. Think outside the box, the possibilities are endless for what you can do to decorate your marketing. A tradition that many like to follow during the Easter holiday is to give and receive Easter eggs, often containing sweets or some other small gift.

Even if you as a company do not sell Easter-related products, it is perfect to give tips on gifts that you can put in the Easter egg. Be sure to highlight these products both on your website and in your other marketing. In this way, companies can ensure that they increase their sales further during Easter.

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Increase your sales with discount codes this Easter

Convert customers to your website

Easter can be associated with a lot – joy, family and friends, traditions and colors such as yellow, purple and orange. During the Easter holiday, many people want to buy something new, either something for the home, to wear or something to give as a gift. Promo codes and other types of offers occur a lot during holidays like Easter. It is an effective feature to use to convert customers to your website and increase revenue.

Create a sense of FOMO

Holidays such as Easter are often hectic, which is why it is a good idea to limit offers. This can be in the form of offering free shipping for a limited time, a “weekend offer” or a 24 hour discount code. By evoking a feeling that “you do not want to miss this”, the chance for more and larger purchases increases. To make this process even smoother, with the help of Marketing Automation you can create a flow with your offers that are generated automatically.

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How to reduce unsubscriptions during Easter

Each unsubscribe link is unique

During holidays, customers get full of offers and marketing in their inbox, which can often lead to them choosing to unsubscribe from corporate mailings. How can you reduce the number of unsubscriptions during holidays? One thing you can avoid is a mistake that many of our customers make. They forward mailings that they create and send, directly from their inbox. When you forward a mailing from your own inbox, anyone who receives it from you can unsubscribe from the mailing. This is because the unsubscribe link in the mailing is unique.

Two tips on how you can do instead

If you want to forward your mailing without risking someone accidentally unsubscribing you from it, you can do so in two ways. First of all you can remove the unsubscribe link from the mailing before forwarding it. And if you’re a Rule member, you can download the link to the mailing by clicking on the “eye” inside campaigns. This way you avoid being unsubscribed from future mailings. Read more about how you can reduce your unsubscribe rate on your mailings.


Successful Easter marketing

Start planning your communication in time and make sure you make a plan of what you want to communicate with your customers and to whom. By using a Marketing Automation tool you can save lots of time by replacing manual processes with automated ones. Set up automatic flows with your activities based on the plan you have set up, to streamline your marketing this Easter. And last but not least, make sure your messages are relevant to the recipient to prevent unsubscriptions. Good luck!

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