E-commerce integrations

Integrate your e-commerce with Rule and maximize your sales

Rule has an advanced and developed integration with most e-commerce platforms. With an e-commerce integration, you can capture order information, submit personalized campaigns, build strategies to retain your most loyal customers, and win back lost customers. Through a smooth e-commerce integration, you can also take advantage of customer behavior and buying patterns. With these important insights, you can deliver exactly the relevant communication that your customers expect.

Through our user-friendly platform, you can create automated email loops based on customer data. Data from your e-commerce platform is sent directly to your Rule account, where you can build up both segments and a personal contact with your customers with a few simple steps. Submit product recommendations, increase the relevance of your marketing and get started with our features below.

More than 70% of all shopping carts in online stores become abandoned. In other words, as many as 67 out of 100 potential customers leave the online store, without completing their purchase. There are many possible reasons why a shopping cart is abandoned – emotional, practical or the end of the purchase. By integrating your e-commerce platform with Rule, you can start sending Cart abandonment emails to capture abandoned shopping carts.

cart abandonment email

Just because a customer has not purchased anything or shown interest in your business in a while, does not mean that the customer is lost. The previous customer may still want to buy your product or service, it’s about giving the customer a reason to want to come back. Through smooth e-commerce integration and win back email, you can start winning back your customers.

win back email Rule

Some purchases cannot be completed when the product that the customer wants to buy is out of stock. By sending a back in stock email to the customer, you can inform when the product is back in stock. You can do this through an integration between your e-commerce and Rule. In this way, the opportunity for sales and in the long run the conversion increases, as it is already known that the customer has previously shown interest in the product. Make customers happy by informing them that their desired product is back and can now be purchased.

Back in stock email

By integrating your e-commerce with Rule, you can create dynamic segmentation based on customer data and customer insights. Do you want to target specific campaigns to those customers who have shown interest in a particular product type? Or maybe you want to direct your messages based on how much the customer has purchased for the past year? With the help of dynamic segmentation, the customer is automatically moved through segments based on their interaction and commitment.

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Automated marketing flows

The journey with the customer does not end after the customer has made a purchase. Once the customer has made a purchase, the opportunity opens up to build a deep and long-lasting relationship. With the help of automated marketing flows, you can communicate with the customer throughout the customer journey with your brand. Follow up after the customer has made a purchase, send product recommendations and find points of contact in the communication that are relevant to that particular customer.

Marketing automation verktyg

Your most loyal customers are also your most valuable customers. They deserve both the company’s attention and to be rewarded. In Rule, you can easily create segments for the customers who have reached a specified spending level and to these, you can send targeted emails. Offer a discount, send a gift with their purchase or thank them for being loyal customers of yours.

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Ready-made integrations with the largest platforms

We have ready-made e-commerce integrations with the largest e-commerce platforms, but can build integrations with the vast majority of platforms. Data is submitted to Rule, which you can then use as a basis for your data-driven marketing and Marketing Automation strategy. Below are some of our ready-made integrations.

Offers a complete e-commerce platform

Do you want to sell products online, but have no experience with web development or coding? Don’t worry. Shopify offers a comprehensive and complete e-commerce system with hundreds of templates ready to use.

Digital agency that specialize in e-commerce

With the help of our developed integration with Panagora, you can quickly and seamlessly get customer data into Rule, which eliminates the manual work and optimizes sales.

All in one e-commerce platform, so you can focus on growth

Sell ​​more by creating targeted campaigns, automated product follow-ups and sending notifications when an item is back in stock. Get to know your customers based on their buying behavior and then send better and more accurate emails.

magento white

A flexible e-commerce platform

By using Magento with Rule, you can focus on getting the right message to reach the right customers and dissociate from traditional mass emails. It’s super easy to install, all you need is your Rule API key.

The most popular e-commerce platform on the web

Woorule is a free plugin that connects your Woocommerce store with your Rule account. Recommend products, capture forgotten shopping baskets, measure ROI and much more.. 

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