Target messages with Facebook Custom Audience

Imagine if you could avoid all the steps you need to do when creating custom target groups in Facebook and just get your target groups in at the touch of a button.. You can now! With Rules’ new integration with Facebook Custom Audience, you can upload your active members inside Rule, directly to Facebook, at the touch of a button. After that, you can just start communicating with your custom audiences.

What is Facebook Custom Audience?

We usually explain Facebook Custom Audience as a group of people who have already interacted with your company in the past in some way. Facebook itself describes “Custom Audience” as a custom audience, which is an option for ad audiences that helps advertisers find existing audiences among users on Facebook.

You can use sources such as customer lists (in this case that you export from Rule and upload to Facebook), website or app traffic or interaction on Facebook to create customized target groups of people who already know your company.

Facebook custom audience

How it works in Rule

With Rules’ new integration with Facebook Custom Audiences, you can easily communicate, direct messages and follow up customers via more channels than SMS and email. All you have to do is press the “Upload” button inside a filter in Rule and active members of the filter will immediately end up in a new custom audience in Facebook Audiences.

Benefits of Facebook Custom Audience

There are many benefits to integrating with Facebook Custom Audience and here are some of them:

  1. You can quickly and easily create a target group based on customer behavior data in Rule, for example “Haven’t shopped in 200 days” and then at the touch of a button directly upload this target group in Facebook. This way, you can find like-minded groups with people, win back customers through targeted messages and more.
  2. You can engage your audience in more channels than email and SMS.
  3. Rule becomes a gathering place of relevant customer data on which you can create target groups.

Facebook Custom Audience and GDPR

Hash encryption is a kind of cryptographic security method that anonymizes the information on your customer list into a random code. This means that if you upload your customer list in Ads Manager to create a custom target group, the information on your list is hash-encrypted before it is sent to Facebook. Facebook uses this hash information and compares it with our own hash information.

Then facebook helps to build your target group by finding the Facebook profiles that match and then creates a customized target group for you from those matches. Once your custom audience has been created, the matched and unmatched hash-encrypted information is deleted and thus Facebook Custom Audience is “GDPR-safe”.

If you want to get started with Facebook Custom Audience, you will find a guide in our knowledge base here. If you have any questions regarding the integration, you are welcome to contact us.

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