Stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes

Did you know that the subject line is the starting point of your email and that it can be decisive in how many people choose to open your email? Yes, that’s true! In the subject line, you can attract your subscribers’ attention and entice them to open your email – so you can get your message across! Great, isn’t it?

So, what to write in the subject line?

Besides the username, it’s the subject line that will appear in your subscribers’ inboxes, and that’s why the subject line deserves both time and thought. The subject line is there to get subscribers to open your email and then participate in the message linked to the subject line. That said, it’s essential to make sure the subject line is as transparent as possible and reflects the email’s content.

If the headline is a “clickbait,” which means, it’s only something to get the recipient to open the email, and the content reflects something else, you can almost count on the fact that recipients will stop opening your emails in the future. And if the subject line is far too long or reveals too much, the chance is high that the subscriber will throw the email in the trash.
Remember! Less is more. Be concise, thoughtful, and honest when formulating your subject line.

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Concrete subject line examples for Black Friday

Below we will share tips and tricks on how to think when formulating the perfect subject line:

  • It doesn’t get any better than this!
  • Stay tuned – Your Black Friday offer is ready!
  • Tic ​​Tac! The Black Friday offer is almost over.
  • Last chance now: Your Black Friday discount is waiting for you

With short phrases, you arouse interest while at the same time urging your subscribers to take action, for example, to open your email and take part in your offer. Ask yourself, what would pique your interest the best; “UP to 30% discount on all our vitamins!!” or “This is how you keep the cold away all winter”? The latter will arouse curiosity and more likely contribute to you opening the email.

Things to keep in mind when it comes to the subject line:

  • According to a study done by Retention science, the optimal length of a subject line is 6-10 words. Longer or shorter than that gave a worse opening rate.
  • If humor is part of your brand’s spirit, why not use it in the subject line? Emails that contain a touch of humor are often appreciated. But remember to keep it within limits and not take it too far.
  • Subject lines that contain a question or number tend to get high engagement from recipients.
  • Continuously A/B testing the subject line is an excellent way to measure engagement. So list some subject line examples and test yourself!
  • Remember that the subject line should work at least as well on mobile as on your desktop.
  • Create timeliness by setting a date or a deadline so your email is remembered.

There is no simple solution to success when it comes to email marketing. Still, it’s about continuously improving the content and appearance of your emails and being willing to spend that extra little time on the details that make the real difference.

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Start building the subject line!

We hope that you have received some help on how to stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes and that you are ready for the biggest shopping party of the year, which starts on 25/11. Also, see our Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday checklist to see how you can maximize your sales. Not already a Rule customer? Book a demo here, and we’ll help you get started!

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