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Yotpo Loyalty and Rule integration

The integration with Yotpo seamlessly sets up Yotpo’s loyalty, referral and rewards solutions with Rule. You can then create automatic ones triggers which is based on most events that occur in your Yotpo account. For example, if a customer has earned a coupon or send a “Happy Birthday” greeting. In this way, you can exceed the customer’s expectations through hyper personalized communication using Rule’s advanced Marketing Automation tools

Yotpo Loyalty & Referral’s program keeps track of your customers’ purchases and loyalty events and allows your customers to redeem their points in order to make more purchases in your store. With the help of Yotpo, you can create loyalty programs with different levels and offer a wide range of different reward types to create long-term relationships with your brand. By rewarding the customer and encouraging another favorable purchase, you also prevent the customer from losing interest.

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When you integrate Yotpo loyalty with Rule, you can easily segment your customers on an individual level based on behavior and areas of interest. This results in each customer journey becoming unique with the help of Rule’s function for tags and filters. Rule’s integration with Yotpo also allows you to customize your Yotpo messages using data from 20 unique event indicators. It can be anything from product selections, coupon redemption, birthdays, VIP levels and much more. You install the integration in a few clicks and best of all – it’s free to use.

  • Create and send customized and automated communications using Rule’s advanced Marketing Automation tools.
  • Catch a forgotten cart with cart abandonment mailings with automated reminders.

When you integrate Yotpo Loyalty with Rule, you can:

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