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Integrate Vendre with Rule and increase customer loyalty with the help of personalized communication

Vendre is a complete e-commerce platform that contains all the components you need to run e-commerce, regardless of whether you sell b2c, b2b or your own brand. With the integration between Rule and Vendre, you can automatically sync activity and send over events that take place in your webshop directly to your Rule account and thus communicate accurately with your customers via e-mail marketing and SMS. Process your customers immediately after they have shopped in your e-commerce store with automations in Rule based on customer data from your store. This way, your communication will be more accurate and personalized. Through our integration between Rule and Vendre, e-retailers can easily and efficiently segment and personalize their communication with their customers to increase both loyalty and conversion rate and thus their digital growth.

Personalized communication

When you integrate your Vendre store with Rule, you can utilize valuable data such as behavior, orders and engagement. The data allows you to personalize your communication and send targeted messages at the right time, to the right recipient, through email and text message. With the help of our user-friendly Marketing Automation platform together with your integrated data, you can with a few clicks create customer segments and adapt different sections of your communication.

Personalisering Rule

Utilize important order data

Take advantage of order data collected from the ecommerce site and customize your digital communication. When you integrate Vendre with Rule, order data such as recent purchases, which product categories the customer has shown interest in and engagement data, is sent from your Centra store to your Rule account. With the help of important data and valuable customer insights, you can segment and personalize offers and recommendations. Utilize important order data and increase your ecommerce sales.

smarta utskick

Automations based on purchases

In Rule, you can create automations that are triggered on data from your Vendre store. Send good looking order receipts and other transaction messages. Nurture and build deeper customer relationships by sending automatic follow-up emails based on previous purchases. Set up a Marketing Automation strategy to get a customer to a repeat customer, to a loyal brand ambassador.

Take advantage of the opportunities with our integration

Capture new subscribers and customer club members from your ecommerce and send them automatically to your Rule account. With our Rule and Vendre integration, the process between your ecommerce platform and Rule account is automated, so you can easily increase the number of subscribers and customer club members. 

Bygg lojalitet med Marketing Automation

Through our advanced technology, you can take personalized communication one step further and hyper-personalize your messages. Hyper-personalization uses a more complex technology that takes into account data such as browsing and behavioral data to interpret the visitor’s intentions. This enables customized communication throughout the customer journey with your brand. Rule also reports back to your Vendre store so that you can customize the messages on the site according to the activity shown in Rule.

Skapa målgrupper och segmentera

Increase your sales by combining your email communication with SMS. By including SMS in your marketing strategy, you reach the customer at exactly the right moment and with an opening rate of over 90%. With the help of a powerful SMS tool, we enable personalized SMS communication based on data retrieved from Vendre. Maximize your digital marketing and create an interaction between email and SMS among your automated messages.

When a customer has started to lose interest and shows less engagement, it’s time to try to capture the customer’s interest again. Through our Rule and Vendre integration, you can gather valuable data about activity, engagement and customer behavior. This data can then be used to create personalized and strategic Win Back communication, to win back the customer’s interest. Reduce the number of lost customers with the help of automated Win Back messages.

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