Optimization for Success: The Importance of Alt-text and Linked Images in Campaigns

Adding alt-text and a text version is two effortless steps when creating campaigns, but it’s something that many marketers overlook. t’s essential to use alt-text for both your images and the entire campaign and linked images to maximize the campaign’s effectiveness and accessibility. In this blog post, we will explore why these two components are crucial for improving conversion rates and reaching a broader audience.

Alt-text: The Path to Accessibility and Search Engine Optimization

Alt-text, or alternative text, is a descriptive text for images on websites and email campaigns. This text enables people with visual or cognitive impairments to understand the image’s content as screen readers read the alt-text to the user. By including alt-text in your campaigns, you make them accessible to a broader audience and demonstrate that your brand values inclusivity and accessibility.

In addition to accessibility, alt-text is vital to search engine optimization (SEO). By using relevant keywords and descriptions in the alt-text, you can improve the visibility of your content on search engines like Google. This means more potential customers can find your campaigns and your company’s products or services.

Text version: Reduce the risk of ending up in spam

Including a text version of your campaign is critical to success. It ensures accessibility for all users, regardless of disabilities or technical limitations. A text version also improves the campaign’s searchability, reduces the risk of ending up in spam and provides better readability for those who prefer text. It is an effective way to reach a wider audience and increase the conversion rate of your campaign.

In Rule, you can easily add alt-text to your images in your campaign and the entire campaign. It should be an obvious step in your campaign creation. Here’s what the boxes look like in Rule so you don’t miss them:


Linked Images: A Key to Better Conversion Rates

Linking your images in campaigns is a powerful tool for increasing conversion rates. When an image is linked, it functions as a direct button to your website, a product, or a specific landing page. By making it easy for customers to click on the image and reach their desired destination, you reduce friction between them and the conversion.

It’s essential to strategically place linked images to optimize the conversion rate. They should be relevant to your message and lead customers to goals that align with their intentions. Clear Call-to-Action (CTA) in the alt-text or directly on the image can also increase click-through rates and, thus, the conversion rate. Therefore, remember to link your images when creating campaigns in Rule!


Critical steps for optimized success

Including alt-text, adding a text version and linking images in your marketing campaigns are critical steps to optimize your online success. By providing accessibility with alt-text, you reach more potential customers and show that your brand is inclusive and considerate. At the same time, linked images enable a smooth transition from campaigns to conversions, enhancing the chances of a successful deal.

So the next time you plan a campaign, remember the alt-text and linked images. They are the keys to opening the doors to success and unlocking your full potential in the digital arena.

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