How companies deal with inaccurate mailings to customers – and avoid them in the future

Mistakes can happen, and even the most righteous companies can sometimes send incorrect emails to their customers. We know because it has happened to us, too. It can be embarrassing, but it is important to act quickly and professionally to resolve the issue and minimize any damage In this blog post, we’ll explore the steps businesses should take if they’ve accidentally sent an incorrect email to their customers, as well as preventative measures to avoid this in the first place.

1. Admit the mistake and apologize

  • The first and most important step is to honestly acknowledge the error. Send an immediate apology to all affected customers and explain clearly what has happened. It is important to be honest and transparent.
  • If it is appropriate for your target audience, you can make the email a little funny. Humor tends to lighten the mood. Maybe you can throw in a little “oops” GIF or a pun, but it depends on what kind of email happened to be sent. Customer trust is crucial, and honesty in this situation shows that you care about their experience.
  • After sending an apology and correcting the error, consider following up with the customers who were affected. It shows that you are attentive to their needs and value their trust.
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2. Correct the error

After communicating the error, it is time to correct it. What happened? If product information or pricing needs to be corrected, ensure that the correct information is clearly communicated to customers. If it’s a technical issue, ensure it is resolved and won’t happen again.

TIPS! If you are a customer of Rule, we can change where the links in your mailing go afterwards. Even if the email has already been sent. It is a great comfort for our customers to know that.

3. Offer compensation

Sometimes, it may be appropriate to offer customers some form of compensation, such as a discount or an offer to compensate for the inconvenience. It shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to do the right thing. Many will probably not even analyze the incorrect email, but a nice discount is always appreciated.

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4. Inform customer service and support team

Notify your customer service and support team of the incorrect email that was sent out. They are likely to get questions from customers and should be prepared with the correct information and answers. Same here; the easiest is to be honest and transparent; an apology is usually enough.

5. Evaluate and learn from the mistake

After dealing with the “urgent” problem, it is crucial to evaluate what went wrong and why it happened. Was it a human error or a flaw in your email system? By identifying the cause, you can avoid similar mistakes in the future.

6. Use social media to communicate

Suppose the bug has the potential to affect many customers. In that case, you can use your company’s social media platforms to quickly communicate with a broader audience and explain the situation and your actions. But this is only in case of emergency, otherwise a sorry will suffice.

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Preventive measures to avoid incorrect mailings:

  • Always double check. Before sending emails to customers, make sure that all information is correct. Double-check prices, product information and recipient lists. If you use automations, you should also ensure that they are triggered at the right time.
  • Use email verification services. Use email verification services to reduce the risk of incorrect email addresses and avoid spam. If you have a mess in your lists, the wrong information may reach the wrong recipient, and you want to avoid that.
  • Implement internal review processes. Put internal control steps in place to ensure that incorrect emails are not sent. This can be particularly important for large campaigns or product launches.
  • Use email templates. Use standardized email templates to minimize errors when manually entering information. In Rule, we have a process to help customers with customized templates, and those who use our super template and brand style function can feel safe that the template is correct.
  • Train your team. Make sure your team knows the importance of proper email communication and has the right training to avoid mistakes. So that everyone is aware of how they can help if such a mistake happens.
  • (Slightly overcourse) Automated monitoring. To really be on the safe side, you can use automated systems to monitor email campaigns and warn if something seems to be wrong before the message is sent.

Always be prepared

Ultimately, it is crucial to be prepared for errors to occur and to be quick to deal with them professionally. By following these guidelines and taking preventative measures, your business can minimize the risk of email mis-sending and build strong and trusting relationships with your customers.

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