Rule renewed – Updated and strengthened brand profile

Rule renewed

Exciting things are happening at Rule! Last year, among other fun things, we focused on creating an improved brand profile for Rule. For us, it has been very clear what we as a company stand for, Rules’ brand DNA, which has impacted all the decisions we have made and will continue to make:

  • Challenge: Challenge and guide towards communicating smarter, for a better result.
  • Helpful: The primary focus on always conveying a sense of warmth and helpfulness, every step of the way.
  • Efficiency: Time efficiency is important for our customers – therefore we challenge how they can increase it and always work to be one step ahead with our technology.
  • Fun!: Rule would not be Rule without laughter and energy. We believe in hard work and dedication, but also in having fun along the way.

And the promises that are our foundation and continue to ground Rule:

  • We make sure to deliver your important messages, no matter who you want to reach in the world.
  • We leave no one behind, everyone is welcome to Rule. Regardless of communication needs, digital maturity and extravagant (maybe sometimes even crazy!) wishes for technical solutions.
  • Rule should always be the smartest choice, both in terms of the technology in our platform and the pricing we offer the market. Innovation characterizes everything we do and we value challenging digital traditions – and delivering advanced solutions with a simple pricing.

We have noticed a need from the market to better reflect Rules’ core DNA in the brand profile. In our continued journey as a fast-growing SaaS scale-up, it is therefore a necessary step for us to renew our graphic profile.

We summarize it with three important W's

Why a rebranding?

As the platform, digital opportunities and advanced features we build grow and develop, we think it is important to have a brand profile that better reflects the company’s true identity. With the new graphic profile and website, we want to convey the colorful, dynamic, smart, warm and modern culture that characterizes the company.

As we grow in the international market, it is necessary for us to also make our profiling and language more adapted accordingly. We want to highlight the diversification of our customer base, the different needs we meet and the rapid change that is taking place around the world, which helps us to develop our product and our organization.

What does our new branding mean?

The fact that Rule has strengthened its brand profile means that the market, our customers and users, will now be met by a new website, visual adjustments in the app and in other forums. We have implemented a livelier color palette and a stronger visual expression to our brand, which better represents who we are – Charismatic individuals who work hard to guide our customers towards growth and who always offer a helping hand. What our new branding does not mean is that we lose the personal element that founded Rule, the service and the understanding we have for our Rulers. With a clearer reflection of who we are and the innovative technology our platform provides, we hope to convey reliability and that change is a good thing!

What does the future have in store?

We expect continued changes in the world and in the digital landscape. We will meet this by continuing to adapt, listen to and meet the market’s needs in the best way we can – But with a stronger brand profile.

With an expanded team of Rulers behind the product and expanded functions in the platform (Which is planned to be released this spring!): for you to be able to deliver even smarter and more efficient digital communication, we look forward to the future together with you.

Rule digital plattform
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