2020 is beginning to come to an end and we are leaving a fast-paced year behind us to say the least. Rule has had an eventful year and we have grown in every way and in different directions and edges. We have expanded our Rule team, our customer base, our partner relationships and more integrations. It is something we are, to say the least, incredibly grateful and proud of.

Before we set out and jump into a new year full of expectations and exciting things, let’s look back at the year that has been. This was Rule 2020. 


This is how we sum up 2020 at Rule:


Growth in Rule

Rule has, despite an unpredictable 2020, continued its growth. We have received more fantastic Rulers, active in various industries and grown by 26% on the number of subscriptions. We have also reached new heights together with our loyal customers. 


We have expanded our dream team both in Sweden and in Ukraine, within Customer Success, Partner Account Management, Product Ownership, Marketing and Tech / Dev. One thing is for sure: We would not have been close to the quality and stability we give our customers, without the people who make up Rule!


Year in review – your year with Rule

Of course, we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to keep track of their marketing results and a summary of your year with Rule is in its place. As it was very appreciated last year, we will send out a “Year in review” email at the beginning of next year. We will summarize the year you had with Rule and compile data based on your emails, 2020.

Heads up: If you have several accounts in Rule – note that the data is then based on your main account.


Updates and improvements to the platform:

We update and improve various areas of our platform continuously. In addition to the people, our product and our technology speak for themselves. There has been a lot of exciting technology and product progress during the year:


Journey Builder

The biggest project of the year has without a doubt been Journey Builder and now it is very close to a release! At the beginning of next year, we plan to release Journey Builders Soft Launch, where the new platform will be available to all our customers. We will start by inviting a limited number of customers to beta-test Journey Builder. Are you interested in beta testing the next wave of personalized digital marketing, before anyone else? Then contact our Product Officer.


Promotions are sent 300% faster now

We work continuously to optimize the speed of emails through Rule, so that your customers can be reached by your valuable communication faster. This year we have been able to further optimize the speed and right now the campaigns are being sent 300% faster.


News Feed / RSS

In 2020, we launched Drag and Drop Feed. It is now possible to drag and drop, not just individual items but an entire feed, directly into Rule. You can easily and quickly fill the email with content from, for example, a product list on an ecommerce site, a page with news articles or an entire blog. This way you save time and can work even more efficiently.  


Botstop for opt-ins

Our latest update within Bostop means that we have further refined algorithms that can sort out cures from humans. This makes it easier for you as an entrepreneur to quickly identify your real customers and sign ups. In this way, we help increase email security.


Filter updates

  • Now it is possible to copy filters in Rule and thus work more smoothly and more efficiently with segmentation. If you want to make several filters with the same basic settings and rules, you can now do so by smoothly copying filters. You thus do not have to redo the entire filter and everything in it.
  • Another filter update that took place in 2020 is that you can now segment out the customers who do not have data about a specific value. Those who “have not”, for example, shopped. It gives you the opportunity to easily capture these and direct specific communication towards them.


Send digital gift cards through Rule

Gift cards work as an excellent conversion tool and allow your current customers to present your business to loved ones. This way, you can expand your customer base, while increasing revenue. Read more about this year’s Christmas present – digital gift cards.


The next step of deliverability

We know that our customers who send large amounts of email to several different markets require powerful solutions. Our latest updates involve the very latest technology for email sending and authentication. It creates the absolute best conditions for high deliverability thanks to both advanced technical solutions and a dedicated team of experts. Read more about SPF, DKIM and DMARC


New and updated partnerships and integrations

2020 has been a year with a focus on finding partners who strengthen our product and the customer experience. The trend of personalized communication continues and we want to be at the forefront there and work with other partners who also do. In 2021, we want to continue with that and have several exciting projects going on. We will take further steps to help our customers with personalization through partners, with a focus on relevant product recommendations, reviews and loyalty programs.



  • Sitoo is a cloud-based mobile checkout system (mPOS) for Global Retailers. It is now possible, with the help of our Sitoo integration, to insert customer data directly from the physical stores and order data from the online stores to your Rule account. This data lays the foundation for advanced segmentation and personalized customer journeys.


Woocommerce update

  • Woocommerce is WordPress flexible ecommerce platform. With the Woocommerce plugin, you turn your WordPress page into an ecommerce site with just a few clicks. Our latest WooRule update now gives you full freedom, so that you can manage which data is sent from your Woocommerce store to your Rule account.


  • Our strong integration with Magento, Adobe’s powerful ecommerce platform for fast-growing companies, continues to evolve. During the year, we updated the integration with the E-com system Magento.

Bex update

  • Through the integration with BeX and Rule, you maximize the power of both platforms and take full advantage of the benefits of omnichannel marketing and customer club building. The latest update regarding the integration means that those who have the connection Bex – Rule, can now start with customer club and membership points inside Rule.


  • Through our smooth integration between Rule and Infobaleen, you as a customer can, in the most cost-effective way, utilize data to its full potential with the help of two specialist systems. If you are interested in doing more in-depth customer and product analysis, you have the opportunity to do so with Rule and Infobaleen’s seamless integration.


  • Our ready-made and incredibly flexible integration with Triggerbee, enables efficient cart abandonment emails through them as well. With cart abandonment emails you can catch up abandoned shopping carts at customers and thus increase conversion and sales in an instant.


  • We have just entered into a very exciting partnership with DialogTrail. They give brands the opportunity to reach out to their customers in Messenger. We are currently in the start-up phase of this cool integration and are now testing on how the process should go in the smoothest way.


  • HelloRetail is one of our newest integrations and in the beginning of 2021 we will tell you more about this exciting integration. With their products, you can create a unique and personalized customer experience for each online merchant through intelligent AI-based behavioral recognition software. Through the integration between Rule and HelloRetail, you can send customer-specific product recommendations through Rule, to your customers.

Do you have any ideas or tips on a company we should work with? Email to partner@rule.se and we will look into it further. 


Challenges we encountered and memories we take with us from 2020


Challenges during the year:

Pandemics, insecurity and financial restraint have forced many to think and act differently than planned, but we have done the opposite to hold back and wait. We have regrouped and digitized our way of acting, so that every customer, every member, every recipient will still have their communication delivered in a safe, secure and high-quality way. Our customers have communicated more in these tough circumstances and many have managed to increase their business even during these challenging times.


Good memories from the year:

We have met more often and everyone has been very committed, even if it has been done digitally. As Rule already works at several different places (Stockholm, Åre, Kharkiv), we have kept relations strong and this has resulted in many advances internally and towards the market. Many of Rule’s customers have worked in more channels than before, such as SMS, which has provided an improved customer experience and business benefits. Something we are very happy to be able to round off the year with, is that we have been able to give a Christmas present to a very good cause at the end of the year, where our customers voted for Operation Smile who received the gift.


Keywords 2021

In conclusion, we want to say that we are incredibly grateful that our customers and partners continue to use Rule and are so committed to the platform. We look forward to a fast-paced and eventful 2021 with you. With that said, we round off with a few keywords for 2021 from our CEO and founder:


“We have to think non-linearly. Our product is for the whole world, and our goal is to get there. ”

-Sam Jahanfar, CEO / Founder Rule


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