Marketing tips for Valentine’s day

We now wave goodbye to the Christmas holiday and welcome 2021 with open arms and lots of love. Time to roll up your sleeves for the next (big) little holiday – and it’s not just any holiday, but the most loving of them all. In 2019, Swedes spent as much as SEK 750 million on Valentine’s Day gifts and that figure is expected to increase this year. Therefore, it really is a holiday that marketers can not miss out on. We share valuable marketing tips for Valentine’s Day, from which your company can take inspiration to bombard customers with love – while maximizing your sales. What better way than to kick-start the year with a love bomb!

Encourage purchases with Valentine’s Day deals


First of all, we must remind our customers in time, that this loving feast is waiting around the corner. In addition to just wishing them a happy Valentine’s Day in an email, you can also take the opportunity to show a little extra appreciation. Include a Valentine’s day offer to show them both gratitude and love. Explain to your customers what they mean to you and that this time-limited offer is a Valentine’s gift to them, from you.


Speed ​​up sales with Valentines day sale

On Valentine’s Day, it is popular to buy gifts in all different categories, so it is not stupid to take the opportunity to have a Valentines day sale. People are already in the shopping mood or on the gift hunt and special offers entice customers to shop even more. You as a company can either take the opportunity to sell out a few things that belong to last year’s range, or have an offer on the things that sell best with you, on Valentine’s Day.

Share the love with a friend through Referral marketing

Love when it is at its best, have to be when you share it with someone. Encourage your customers to recommend a product / service to loved ones, in exchange for a discount check for both of you. It is a perfect win-win situation, for both you as a company and them as customers. These referral offers can look different, but regardless of layout, it is usually really appreciated from both sides. You convert more customers and increase sales, at the same time as the customers get a personal offer to shop for. 

Help your customers along the way – create a gift guide


Just like at all other holidays, it’s easy to get stuck when it comes to gifts. Sometimes it does not have to be because you do not know what the person in question wants, but because he or she may instead have everything or don’t want anything. As a marketer, you have a golden opportunity here, where you can recommend your customers the best gift tips. Feel free to divide the tips into categories according to person, for example to the boyfriend, to the mother or to the dog.

Give love to charity and build trust


There is certainly some charity organization that is a little extra close to your business’ heart. What better way than to give love to this organization, in the form of a Valentine’s Day donation? In addition to the fact that it feels good in your heart and with all certainty will be greatly appreciated by the recipient – you also build a strong trust in the company.

Go for a safe card – offer digital gift cards


Some gifts always go home. During Valentine’s Day, roses and chocolate are examples of such. Then we also have gift cards, which is probably one of the most appreciated gifts of them all, regardless of the holiday. When you give someone a digital gift card, you also give the recipient an opportunity to shop something they want. In addition, the person in question does not even have to visit a physical store to use it. If you have not started with digital gift cards in Rule yet, then contact us and we will be happy to help you with it. 

Create a powerful self-love campaign


We must not forget to remind our customers to give love to the one who needs it most – ourselves. Whether you are single or not, you deserve to be showered with self-love. Why not make a self-love email with a great offer or a campaign, where you remind your customers to appreciate themselves as well? The times when Valentine’s Day is “the day of relationships” are now over, we make room for the individual instead and urge everyone to pamper themselves a little extra this very day.

Interact with your customers and create reach through your channels


There are many ways to market your Valentine’s Day campaign and you as a marketer should really embrace that. Make sure you interact with your customers on all your active platforms. Spread your Valentine’s Day campaign on your social channels and create a commitment around it. It will increase your reach significantly. Here are some tips on things you can do through your digital channels, which will create extra engagement with your followers:

Create a poll function


A good way to get your customers involved is by asking them to participate in something that they can relate to and that is simply quick to participate in. Create a poll function in your next email and ask your customers to vote for, for example “what they would appreciate most to receive in Valentine’s Day gift” followed by 5 different voice options.

Treasure hunt with offers on your website


Something that is both incredibly fun but also very conversion-enhancing, is to do a treasure hunt on your website. In your Valentine’s Day email, you can tell your customers about the treasure hunt, that they should look for offers hidden on the website during Valentine’s Day. Distribute, for example, 20 bonus checks in the form of hearts, around your website that your customers should look for and then be able to shop for during the day.  

Make a contest with a Valentine’s Day prize


Competitions generally have a high level of commitment around them and there are many ways to do them, either in an email or on social media. One variant is to create a competition a few days before, with a prize that, for example, is a Valentine’s day package with a hotel stay for two. Another variant is to do a competition on Valentine’s Day itself, where you compete for a specific product or gift card to give a little extra love to those who are “alone” that day.

The possibilities for marketing are endless


You can find every possible way to increase your sales during this loving holiday. The only thing that stops the marketing opportunities is your imagination! The most important thing is that you have set up a strategy for Valentine’s Day in good time and also have a clear goal of what you want to get out of your marketing during this holiday. Is it to build trust and increase brand awareness? Or is it to maximize sales and increase the customer base significantly?

Regardless of goals, it is important that you make sure you work with the right tools and features to optimize your Valentine’s Day strategy in the best way. We hope you have received valuable tips for this loving holiday ahead of us. In our Rule platform, you will find all the functions and tools you need, to create a sustainable strategy and a seamless experience for your customers.

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