Emoji pictures – That’s why you should use them in your marketing

Emoji pictures also known as emojis, we know what they look like and we have all probably used one in a message at some point. The fact is that emojis have become a big part of everyday language online, as emoji images can convey messages and emotions that don’t permeate in the same way in writing. It’s often said that it’s an art to be able to put words to emotions, but now it’s no longer needed. Say it with an emoji picture!

What is an emoji picture?


An emoji picture is a small icon or digital image, which is used in various contexts to express and / or complement any form of feeling or idea. The term emoji itself comes from the Japanese “e picture + moji” (letter and / or character). Emojis have today almost completely taken over what we previously called an expression symbol, which were faces that consisted of keyboard characters, for example 😛 😉 :).


Emojis and Generation Z

Every year in connection with world emoji day which falls on July 17, adobe releases the annual “emoji trend report”. In it you can read how 65% of the 1000 emoji users who have been involved and answered, are more comfortable with expressing their feelings with emojis instead of in text or in a phone call. When you asked generation Z, this figure increased to as much as 83%.


Why you should use emoji pictures in your marketing

Emojis create engagement

Do you want to easily create higher engagement on your marketing or on your channels? Then use emojis. Especially in social media, the playful and concise language is more popular than the formal one. Emojis quickly attract both attention and commitment. According to several studies on social media, it has been found that posts that contain emojis increase the interaction by 15%, compared to posts that don’t contain it.

varför använda e-postmarknadsföring

An emoji says more than a thousand words

With just one emoji, you can convey one or more messages in your communication. In today’s smartphones there is even a function that suggests replacing words that you write in an SMS message with an emoji. The language on the internet has over time become more and more concise with abbreviations and we seem to continue in that direction, as emojis now replace words, expressions and formulations.

Emoji pictures Reinforces messages

Sometimes it’s not completely obvious to the reader to understand what kind of feeling you want to convey with your message. Instead of having to express it in writing and for example write “haha” or similar, you can instead convey it with the help of a laughing or happy emoji. The little animation strengthens your communication and helps to further strengthen your message.


Personalize using emojis

“Describe yourself in three words” can be said to do, in a personal letter or in a CV. Today, you could almost replace it with “describe yourself with three emojis”. The fact is that each person has their own “typical” emojis that you frequently use to express your feelings with. You can also give your brand a personality. By using emojis in your marketing, you can strengthen your brand’s identity and image, as you can convey more than just words.


Can facilitate communication

By adding an emoji in a message or in your communication, you add a relaxed touch to the conversation. In a formal context that you may not want to experience as formal but more friendly and relaxed, it’s perfect to include an emoji to lighten the mood. This can be in connection with marketing for, for example, banks and loans, which are usually perceived as quite proper and formal.

The benefits of using emojis are many and these little animated characters are used not only by generation z and millennials, but actually by the entire internet. Therefore, you should consider using it in your marketing as well. However, we want to emphasize that you should choose your emojis with care, to avoid creating confusion or irritation. Good luck!

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