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Starweb and Rule integration

Through our integration partner Bosbec, we have created a connection between Rule and Starweb. This integration means that you as a customer can send order data from Starweb directly to Rule. This, in turn, allows you to segment your customers, automate follow-up, and create personalized messages for effective communication and increased customer loyalty.

Starweb is an e-commerce platform that helps both beginners and established e-tailers grow through automation, customization, and support. With 20 years of experience, Starweb has developed a powerful e-commerce platform that has revolutionized how businesses manage their online sales. They strive to be a complete e-commerce provider, including design and digital marketing. Their philosophy is that e-tailers should have the right toolkit to take their online sales to the next level, regardless of company size, target market, or industry.

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When you integrate your Starweb store with Rule, you can segment your customers and send personalized communications via e-mail and SMS, so that you reach the right customer with the right message. In Rule, you can set up automated e-mail and SMS flows that reduce the time for manual work and guarantee that you reach the customer at the right time.

  • Segment and create target groups based on who, when, and what a customer has bought
  • Automated flows to, for example, follow up on customers who have not shopped for a certain period or shopped a certain number of times
  • Use personalization to send the right content to the correct recipient

When you integrate Starweb with Rule, you can:

marketing automation

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