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Norce and Rule integration

Norce provides a powerful SaaS e-commerce platform. Integrating Norce with Rule allows you to use relevant customer data such as order history easily. With segmented and personalized marketing communication, you get closer to the customer and can build long-term relationships. You have the opportunity to follow the customer through all stages of the buying cycle and can set up a smart strategy to welcome, retain and attract back lost customers. Through our Rule and Norce integration, you can personalize communication along the customer journey and increase conversions on your digital marketing.

About Norce

Norce is a complete e-commerce platform that contains all the components you need to run e-commerce. With Norce, you will not need other systems to run and develop your e-commerce but will have the opportunity to connect to all the external services you want via a completely open API. It is a cloud-based and powerful e-commerce engine where you always get to work with the latest version of the software.

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About Norce and Rule integration

With our Norce and Rule integration, the process between your e-commerce platform and the account in Rule is automated. This way, you can capture new subscribers and customer club members from your e-commerce and send them automatically to your Rule account. This will result in increased digital growth and higher sales figures.

  • Utilize order data collected from the e-commerce site and tailor your digital communication.
  • Send stylish digital receipts and other transactional messages.

When you integrate Norce with Rule, you can:

marketing automation

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  • Pre-made templates and free emails
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