Congratulations to all companies! Your Black Friday sale is saved.

The dream of maximizing sales during promotional periods like Black Friday can finally come true. How? With SMS, of course! Reach your customers instantly, no matter where they are, with an unbeatable open rate. SMS is simply the obvious channel during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday to reach customers through the noise.

Text without limitations with a stand-alone platform

Rule recently launched an SMS service that can be used independently, regardless of the existing platform for digital communication and CRM. Even if you are stuck with other providers, you can now communicate in the most converting channel. SMS via Rule can be distributed to all your recipients worldwide, and with our help, we ensure that it is done correctly and fully in accordance with the GDPR.

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Reach the customer immediately with an unbeatable open rate

Did you know that SMS is the channel where you reach the customer the fastest, with the absolute highest conversion rate? Within a few minutes, almost 100% of those who have received your SMS will have read it, regardless of where the customer is.

Here you see some fantastic SMS statistics:

  • Up to 98% of recipients open and read your SMS
  • In 90% of cases, an SMS is opened within the first 3 minutes of receipt
  • SMS campaigns have 209% higher conversion than Facebook advertising
  • 75% of customers want businesses to text them offers after approval

Three super tips for those who want to start texting

  1. Start growing your SMS list now by, for example, adding a mobile number field to your website pop-ups or similar registration forms. This way, you can reach a more significant number of contacts during Black Friday.
  2. Weave the SMS channel into your email automations. The reason automations are so effective is because they are behavioral, meaning they are only sent when a consumer interacts with a brand. The conversion rate for last year’s SMS automations was 315% higher than scheduled campaigns. Two automations you should try sending through the SMS channel are the welcome message and abandoned cart emails. These messages target customers with high purchase intent. Also, these emails generated as much as 83% of all orders through email automations in 2021.
  3. Send text messages during the most important shopping periods of the year, and keep your message from getting lost in the noise. Texting works wonders when creating a sense of urgency that leads to sales, especially during promotional periods like Black Friday. As the inbox easily becomes overcrowded with campaigns, SMS is an excellent way to reach the recipient through noise.
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Food for thought (with a simple answer)

Think to yourself, what do you read first; an SMS or an email? You probably also answer SMS. Make sure to use the full potential of the SMS channel during Black Friday. Get started with SMS in Rule today to get more customers, increase your conversion and maximize your sales.

If you’re unsure if texting is suitable for your brand, remember one thing: everyone’s texting.

Click here to get started.


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