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Personalized experience throughout the entire customer journey

Maximize the power of valuable data and personalize the customer experience with your brand. With our Marketing Automation, email marketing and SMS tool, you can tailor communication at each contact point.

Easy-to-use advanced technology

In our user-friendly platform, with a flexible and easy-to-use visual editor, you can build advanced communication without having to be a Marketing Automation specialist. Improve your digital communication through an uncomplicated platform.


Automate your digital marketing

Replace manual processes with automatic ones and spend that time optimizing your digital strategy instead. In our platform, you can create preset loops of communication and automate every step of your digital marketing.

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Connect your store and deliver flawless marketing

Capture and synchronize order data from your e-commerce store and deliver seamless marketing. By connecting your store to Rule, you leverage the power of customer data to personalize the brand experience.

Elevate your digital marketing

Marketing Automation is a software that enables companies to automatically nurture prospects and customers through personalized content. With Rules complete solution, you can utilize all the digital footprints that customers leave behind and process each contact point in the best way – all to support as efficient and automated a sales process as possible.

With SMS marketing, you get an unmatched open rate on your send-outs. SMS campaigns are likely to open within minutes of receipt. With our cost-effective SMS service, you can send relevant communication throughout the entire customer journey. Grow your customer base, gather feedback and incorporate SMS alongside other channels.

No two customers are identical – so why should their customer journey with your brand be so? To create stronger relationships with your customers, you need to understand the life cycle stages they go through and create a relevant dialogue at every step. Optimize your digital strategy and sales through smart and dynamic communication flows.

We have built the market’s most powerful yet at the same time user-friendly newsletter tool, for customized newsletters. Through our tool, you can easily adapt the content sections to different target groups. Reach your customers in one go, increase conversion and build deeper customer relationships by delivering customized newsletter content.

Integrate Rule with the systems and platforms you already use. Our developed integrations allow you to automatically capture data and use it to increase efficiency in your workflow. With a seamless e-commerce integration between your online store and Rule, you can capture important order data to help you maximize your sales. By utilizing the potential of integrating systems you can save time and spend it elsewhere – for example on optimizing your digital marketing strategy.

Personal marketing for people, not robots

Communicate with your customers as the unique people they are. In our segmentation tool, you can dive as deep as you want.

Segment your customers based on important customer data and send just the right content to the right customer segment. With the help of our user-friendly segmentation tool, you ensure relevant communication every step of the customer journey.


Rule allows you to deepen your existing customer personalization. Hyper-personalization uses a complex technology that takes into account in-depth behavioral, real-time, browsing and engagement data. This results in communication that becomes more adapted to the context and increases ROI.


”With Rule, we can craft bespoke communications ensuring our customers reap the fullest benefits of what we offer. Guiding our customers to make informed choices regarding their health, well-being, and fitness, not only at the outset but throughout their life journey, remains central to our collaboration with Rule.”

Peter Valenta │ Digital Marketing

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