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Rules Professional package comes with:


In Rule, you can connect your existing systems and the platforms you use today. This allows you to take advantage of all the customer data you collect and use it in your Rule account. With over 100 smooth integrations in Rule, you can use all your customer data in your digital communication to build long-term customer relationships and increase customer engagement.

As a Professional customer in Rule, you have the opportunity to send SMS to as many recipients as you want, wherever they are. This means that Rule distributes SMS to the entire world. Feel the freedom of being able to communicate with your customers via SMS in Rule and discover the powerful benefits of SMS communication.

svensk support

With the Rule Professional package, you as a company get full access to Swedish support. Rule’s support exists so that you can easily use and navigate the platform without restrictions. Should you run into problems, help is always available close at hand. You also have access to our knowledge bank with help articles for guidance and self-service.

Statistik realtid

In Rule you can see statistics for your campaigns in real time. You can see how many people have opened your email, clicked on a specific link, unsubscribed, etc. It gives you a better understanding of your customers’ behavior and preferences, which can be used to develop better marketing strategies in the future.


Access to Customer Success advice

Our Customer Success department has extensive experience in communication, with expertise in building long-term customer relationships. As a Professional customer in Rule, you have the opportunity to receive strategic advice. We can help you set up successful strategies focusing on digital growth and digital communication.

Öppningsfrekvens nyhetsbrev

With the Rules Professional package, you can send unlimited e-mails. This means that you can communicate entirely freely, as much as you want. Unlimited mailings give you as a company an opportunity to reach wider and thus have the chance to get a greater reach on your mailings. This in turn leads to an increased potential for sales and customer loyalty.

Each Rule Professional account also includes:

Marketing Automation

In Rule, you can automatically send personal messages to several people at once. By setting up customized flows according to the different phases customers are in, you can send personalized and automated communications throughout the customer journey.

Segmentation tools

With Rule’s segmentation solution, you can deliver uniquely tailored communications to each individual person. You can segment everything from what a customer has completed for purchase to various variables such as demographic, geographic, or behavioral. Everything is possible as long as the desired data is in the account!

GDPR security

Rule’s platform is fully GDPR compliant, meaning all customer data is secured. As a Professional customer, you can feel secure in having all your customer data collected on the same platform. If you want to read more about how Rule’s data is stored, you can do so here in our Data Protection Agreement.

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Discover how you, with the help of Rule and smart communication, can drive growth through increased engagement. 


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