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Redeal and Rule integration

With our Rule and Redeal integration, you can effectively make your customers your best ambassadors, which can both generate new customers and increase the repurchase rate as well as the loyalty of existing customers. Redeal is a service that offers a software for Referral Marketing where the concept is based on consciously encouraging your satisfied and loyal customers to spread the word about your brand or offers further. Referral Marketing helps you both to find new customers through personal recommendations and to reward your existing ones with, for example, discount codes.

About Redeal

What is Redeal? Redeal works with lead generation & referral marketing for your e-commerce, retail, and for member organizations. They help marketers in B2C and B2B to get loyal customers to recommend a product or service to their relatives, which in many cases leads to the first purchase. With Redeal, you can easily create pop-up forms that can be placed anywhere on your website, in your app, or anywhere else you want. You collect email addresses and get new subscribers through your forms while encouraging sharing or rewarding positive customer behavior.

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About Redeal and Rule integration

Integrating Redeal with Rule is easy. You quickly set up the connection yourself inside Rule with a few simple steps. When the connection is set up, ambassadors and friends will be created in Rule, enabling continuous communication and further segmentation. Then you can quickly and easily direct your communication correctly, based on who is sorted as ambassadors and the friends to be recruited. The most important thing between ambassadors and friends is that the communication is perceived to come from just one friend.

  • Integrate Redeal with Rule and get loyal customers to spread the word.
  • Redeal and Rule help you personalize your communications and create specific referral campaigns for specific segments.

When you integrate Redeal with Rule, you can:

  • You have the opportunity to easily create pop-up forms that can be placed anywhere on your website, in your app, or anywhere else you want.
  • The integration allows you to quickly and easily target your communication based on who is sorted as ambassadors and who are the friends to be recruited.
  • You can reward positive behavior from a customer by sending emails about an offer that can be used immediately or for the next purchase.
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