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Avoid ending up in the trash - check your delivery security

In order for Rule to send out emails in the name of your organization (your domain), authentication is required. To ensure that your campaigns are delivered and received correctly by your subscribers, you should carefully review your delivery security settings. SPF, DKIM and DMARC are authentications that increase the delivery security of your emails. The more steps taken to maximize mail reaching the desired recipient’s inbox, the greater the chance that your email will lead to conversion and increased sales.

What is SPF?

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework and is a type of security mechanism that is created to be able to prevent the wrong people from sending emails on your behalf. What the mechanism is about is simply communication between your and your recipient’s mail server. If you have not set up SPF on your DNS server, the recipient’s DNS server will not know that the email was sent from you. SPF defines which IP addresses and mail servers can be used to send e-mail from your domain.

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What is DKIM?

DKIM stands for DomainKeys Identified Mail and is an e-mail authentication technology, which verifies that a message was sent from a legitimate user of an e-mail address. The technology for DKIM is designed to prevent e-forgery or so-called spoofing (communication sent from an unknown source disguised as a source known to the recipient). DKIM adds a lot of “good” SPAM points to your e-mail message and will thus significantly improve delivery security.

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What is DMARC?

DMARC stands for Domain based message authentication, Reporting & Conformance and is a technology that can verify incoming mail, by authenticating a user’s domain. DMARC makes it easier for esp (email service providers) such as Gmail and Outlook, to prevent hostile email practices such as domain “spoofing” to try to access the recipient’s personal information. You can protect your trademark with the help of DMARC, by preventing unauthorized sources from sending mail from your domain. In this way, you help the e-mail ecosystem to establish a consistent policy for messages that fail to be authenticated and your communication becomes more secure and reliable.

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