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A Day's March - the power of A/B testing

This is how A Day's March increased their CTR by 170%.

Standing out as an online retailer is easier said than done. You need to understand your customers’ behavior and needs to get them to interact with your brand and buy from you. Focusing on analysis and follow-up to optimize your marketing is a good start, and A/B testing your mailings is the next level of access. The Swedish clothing brand A Day’s March specializes in creating high-quality, sustainably produced clothing for men and women. With a large and loyal customer base, they have really succeeded in accurately identifying their customers’ behavior and getting them to convert from their promotional emails. Read about how A Day’s March increased their CTR by 170%, by A/B testing their mailings in Rule.


Like many other online retailers, A Day’s March faced the challenge of getting their customers to convert from their promotional emails. At product release, customers did not convert as well as they wanted. They wanted to get a better overview and understanding of how their customers interact with their mailings and see what response they get to which product and what drives traffic and conversions from the mailings to their website – especially with new product releases.


A Day’s March started using Rules A/B testing feature to see which of their emails are most relevant and what content best converts customers to their website. They started experimenting with the content of their emails and created different versions of the emails with different subject lines, text content, images and CTA buttons. This way they could easily analyze what interests and converts their customers.

We have spent a lot of time analyzing our newsletters and trying to find ways to continuously develop the channel. Through Rule's own A/B testing tools, we have been able to very easily test our theses on a much larger scale to quickly get results and continue development.

Johan Patriksson, Head of E-com, A Day's March


The result of A Day’s March starting to A/B test their mailings in Rule was that their CTR increased from 2% to 4.7%, which is a total increase of 170%. This has resulted in them sending highly relevant and accurate emails with content that interests their customers and quickly converts them to their website. When releasing products, A Day’s March can now see exactly which products interest which recipients and has built a strong and loyal customer base that is happy to return to them.

These results have then helped us to further develop our newsletters and link the results to customer behavior on our website. The improvement we've seen has had a ripple effect, helping the newsletters to better connect and improve the impact of our other marketing efforts.

Johan Patriksson, Head of E-com, A Day's March

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