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We give all our customers the opportunity to book a workshop with us. Our goal is for you to increase your conversion, sales and efficiency. One of Rule’s pillars is data-driven communication, i.e. utilizing relevant customer data and always being one step ahead through targeted marketing. That is exactly what we want to help our customers achieve.

During a two-hour workshop with Rule, we focus on analyzing and developing your existing process. We help you dive into a more advanced Marketing Automation strategy and make sure you leave with inspiration and concrete improvement measures. The workshop is customized to your needs and can be carried out either with us or with a customer.

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Endless possibilities

The possibilities with digital communication and Marketing Automation are endless. With the help of flexible integrations, you can easily get started and develop your current marketing strategy. Want to know more about functions you have not yet implemented? Set up communication loops and reach the customer at every stage of the life cycle? Or simply get a one-to-one in-depth overview of how to work in Rule? Then book a workshop with us, and we will solve it.




Current situation analysis - processes and flow

  • More efficient working methods
  • Who does what
  • Look at results
  • Analyze results
  • What does your current strategy look like?
  • What is the next step?
  • Any question marks


Development and improvement measures

  • Increase the number of recipients
  • Appearance matters
  • Take advantage of the features
  • Take advantage of technology
  • Responsiveness / mobile adaptation
  • Maximize the outcome
  • Automate the work
  • Integration opportunities



  • A concrete action plan
  • Clear goals
  • We help you launch the changes
  • We make sure to follow up
  • We take care of the technical
  • We measure results and book a follow-up.



  • Time required: 2 hours 
  • Number of participants: Max 6 people
  •  Price: By agreement
  •  Location: Kammakargatan 48, Stockholm, Sweden or online.

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